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Who Can I Trust With Preparing My Taxes?Monday 01/16/2012
DwayneDwayne Briscoe / Bookkeeping-Results, LLC
Owner / QuickBook Pro Advisor

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Who Can I Trust With Preparing My Taxes?

One of the key things people fail to realize, for which I recite to every client on more than one occasion, is that taxpayers are legally responsible for what’s on their tax return even if it is prepared by someone else. As what’s different in preparing for your 2011 tax filing, if you are paying someone, then they must sign and enter their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs), without exception.  This is located at the bottom of each tax return for where you will sign it.  If they refuse to put in that information, (which includes a sister, brother, friend of a friend), then consider refusing payment and filing of the return they prepared.  If they are not willing to put their proper information there, then they likely won’t be the best fit for you.


Some other key areas to consider:


  • Check the qualifications. Besides PTINs, ask if the preparer is affiliated with a professional organization and attends continuing education classes.


  • Check their history. This is what Google and the Better Business Bureau is for.  Are they advertising as an accountant or CPA?  Check the Texas State Board of Accountancy to see if any action has been taken against them.  If they are an attorney, check the State Bar of Texas for the same information.


  • What are they charging? Preparers should be charging you a flat fee per form.  If they charge a percentage on what you’re getting, then consider the running shoes again.  If they inflate your refund and you get audited, any revised refunds come attached with interest and penalties, including the additional payment you should not have received.  BTW, it’s not going to come from the tax preparer to cover your costs.  Also, refuse to accept a preparer’s offer to have it deposited into their account for a quicker refund instead of getting a paper check, as you likely won’t see it again.


  • Are they doing it electronically or by paper? If someone prepares more than 10 returns during a calendar year, it must be filed electronically unless you choose to mail it in yourself personally.  Remember, keep all of your copies because you never know if something gets altered after-the-fact.


  • Be careful of storefronts that were empty before they arrived, as they will be empty after April 15th more than likely. What’s going to happen if you get a letter from the IRS in September saying you owe additional monies or you’re being audited?  Enough said.


  • Your paperwork to prepare your return. If someone is willing to give you credit for handwritten documents, paycheck stubs instead of a W2, etc. then move on.  As well, make copies of EVERYTHING before you turn it over.  People lose paperwork all of the time, and it makes it easier


  • Review your return before signing. Remember, you are legally responsible for what’s on the tax return.




About Our Show Advisor: Dwayne Briscoe is the founder and owner of Bookkeeping-Results, LLC.   Dwayne began his company in January 2007, based on the foundation to educate small business owners and bookkeepers who use QuickBooks®.  Working as a full-charge bookkeeper and trainer in a variety of industries for over 15+ years, he is a certified Pro Advisor with 5 certifications, including Enterprise Solutions and Point of Sale.  He is also an instructor at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, where he teaches basic accounting, QuickBooks®, and basic payroll, along with hosting his own private classes.


Bookkeeping-Results, LLC has focused more on quality and not quantity for their clients, by paying attention to the details.  Through regular continuing education participation, as well as exploring additional ways of “thinking outside of the box” to help expand people’s knowledge of their own financial well being, it’s important to focus on not only saving the client money but also making the client money.


Special Promotional Offer! For every person who either calls in or e-mails Dwayne that they heard him on the Steven Kay radio show, they will receive a 10-point Year-End Checklist that is not available to the general public.  It covers everything from what to do about W2s that come back from employees who have moved, all the way through the new IRS 1099K credit card being sent out in January.  To make this offer even better, Dwayne will answer one question about QuickBooks for free.

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