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Are You Asking For Help?Monday 07/23/2012
DwayneDwayne Briscoe / Bookkeeping-Results, LLC
Owner / QuickBook Pro Advisor

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Are You Asking For Help?

In May it was stated that Texas added 12,500 new jobs, the 22nd straight month of jobs gains, and the trend is expected to continue when the jobs report is released in a few weeks.  However with the increase in jobs, means an increase in employer liability when looking to hire new people as well.  Unfortunately, if you’re advertising on various web sites such as Craig’s List, you will get numerous people who have no relatable experience to the position you’re advertising, as well as simply putting out a Help Wanted sign at the front door of your company location.


Yes if you end up hiring the wrong person it can definitely cost you much more than what you’re expecting, however if you follow some basic tips on parameters to follow, then it can help soften the blow to your financials.


1.            If you haven’t already, write out a job description.  If you don’t have one, the internet is chock-full of examples you can cut and paste from, but most of all it must be realistic.  Keep it down to one page or less, and include your educational requirements if you have any, as well as the salary range.


2.            Go through at least 2-3 interviews.  Never hire someone who just walks through the door without checking their background first.  In my industry, I’ve come across numerous people who claimed they had bookkeeping/accounting experience, but they often learned on the job and often at the client’s expense.  Most companies will offer only employment dates and job title in order to avoid potential liability backlash, and if you can verify that much information then your battle is half over.


3.            Request a complete a multi-state background check for your top 3-5 candidates, however require the form to be completed upon the initial interview.  Often times if they’re trying to hide something, you’ll never hear from them again or they will choose not to go that far in the interview process.  Remember, it’s your business and your money you need to protect.


4.            Ask for a drug screen in the hiring process.  The National Drug Free Workplace Environment has noted that the U.S. Department of Labor notes a cost of $81 billion in lost productivity due to alcohol and drug abuse.  They’ve also stated that one in five workers have had to redo work, cover for a co-workers, work harder, or been put in danger or injured as a result of a co-workers drinking alone.  The costs just keep adding up there.


5.            Above all your conduct towards the candidates should be relevant to the job opening itself and nothing else.  Asking about their family, heritage, age, any disability, and religion, are illegal and can open yourself to a lawsuit that can be costly and detrimental to your business.  Prepare a list of general job-related questions and go by that list without any deviation.  Should the conversation go off-topic, think before you speak.  Remember, they are interviewing you as well and the last thing that you need is someone trashing your company’s name.


Each of those 5 items has an effect on your business, and you need to keep these things in mind when asking for help.  Remember, nothing stays hidden for very long with the use of the internet, which is why you need to be prepared at all times as best as possible.



About Our Show Advisor: Dwayne Briscoe is the founder and owner of Bookkeeping-Results, LLC.   Dwayne began his company in January 2007, based on the foundation to educate small business owners and bookkeepers who use QuickBooks®.  Working as a full-charge bookkeeper and trainer in a variety of industries for over 15+ years, he is a certified Pro Advisor with 5 certifications, including Enterprise Solutions and Point of Sale.  He is also an instructor at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, where he teaches basic accounting, QuickBooks®, and basic payroll, along with hosting his own private classes.


Bookkeeping-Results, LLC has focused more on quality and not quantity for their clients, by paying attention to the details.  Through regular continuing education participation, as well as exploring additional ways of “thinking outside of the box” to help expand people’s knowledge of their own financial well being, it’s important to focus on not only saving the client money but also making the client money.

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