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The Glory Days Of Easy Sales Are Gone For GoodMonday 06/25/2012
DwayneDwayne Briscoe / Bookkeeping-Results, LLC
Owner / QuickBook Pro Advisor

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The Glory Days Of Easy Sales Are Gone For Good

There are so many business coaches, how-to business books, reality business development shows, as well as tons of talk shows out there that keep saying the same thing – you can’t keep doing what you did 5 years ago.  Times change and so does how your business works.  Should you invest in rebranding (whatever that is)?  Should you consider hiring an outside sales consultant (do they have any background in your industry)?  Is a business coach really worth what they charge you to see the results you want (what are their standards to call themselves a business coach)?


When you think about the Glory Days of when business was booming, customers never questioned your product or service, and you chose to run things your way and everyone followed the status quo are over and have been for some time.  If you’re of that mentality that “what isn’t broke, don’t fix it” then you need to see about selling or just closing up shop altogether, because there are always people that are more hungry, more desperate, and more willing to go the extra mile to get the chase on.


People don’t realize that everything now has a process, for which you can complete in 4 steps to help not only identify what’s affecting your financial outcome, but how you can potentially correct it.


1.         When was the last time you surveyed your FORMER clients/customers to find out how good they thought you were doing?  You’ll get the real feedback you really need to help improve your business image as well as potentially help increase your sales by bring back those who left you before.  Offer a simple store item or discounted service just to see what their honest thoughts are, and if they should complete the survey, then offer them another opportunity to come back.  It’s must more cost-effective to bring back old customers than develop new ones.


2.         What is happening while you’re not minding the business?  Do you have someone you can trust to go in and check on things without your employees knowing, to help assess how your service level is, as well as the attitude that is being displayed?  Everyone wants to be associated with a winner, and if your business doesn’t convey that message, then you have to ask if you would spend your money there.


3.         Yes it’s 2012 and it’s different than it was 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago if you’ve been in business that long.  It’s also different than it was a year ago.  There’s so much competition out there that you just need to worry about today, not tomorrow, not yesterday.  Wasting energy wastes not only time but also precious resources, which include your ability to focus on continually adapting your business for the here and now.


4.         Everyone and everything is replaceable, including you.  If it’s no longer working, think about an exit strategy.  If you have a partner, think about your buy-out clause if you have one.  Why stay being miserable if you’re unhappy with everything and everyone around you.  Misery does love company however you shouldn’t love it back.  Buy something new for the office to make it stand out and bring some a new thoughtful image.  Take your people out for a lunch to show them how much you care.  Above all else, remember that “this is no dress rehearsal.”



About Our Show Advisor: Dwayne Briscoe is the founder and owner of Bookkeeping-Results, LLC.   Dwayne began his company in January 2007, based on the foundation to educate small business owners and bookkeepers who use QuickBooks®.  Working as a full-charge bookkeeper and trainer in a variety of industries for over 15+ years, he is a certified Pro Advisor with 5 certifications, including Enterprise Solutions and Point of Sale.  He is also an instructor at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, where he teaches basic accounting, QuickBooks®, and basic payroll, along with hosting his own private classes.


Bookkeeping-Results, LLC has focused more on quality and not quantity for their clients, by paying attention to the details.  Through regular continuing education participation, as well as exploring additional ways of “thinking outside of the box” to help expand people’s knowledge of their own financial well being, it’s important to focus on not only saving the client money but also making the client money.

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