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A Special Time To Give ThanksMonday 11/21/2011
StevenSteven Kay / Steven Kay Media LLC
Talk Show Host & Producer

A Special Time To Give Thanks


WHAT ARE YOU MOST THANKFUL FOR? Call the radio show Monday 11/21 @ 9a-10a CT at 713-STEVEN-K (713-783-8365) and share your blessings live on the air!!!
This time of year always brings out the best in us. From giving thanks for our blessings in life at Thanksgiving, with the spirit of giving and sharing at Christmas, to cherishing the past and present and future at New Year’s. With the holiday season upon us, I think it is important that we keep this spirit alive everyday throughout the year. All too often are we caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own lives, focusing on what we still want to achieve or even worse what we don’t yet have, that it takes a special holiday celebration for us to take pause and look at all of the things we already have in our lives that we should be most grateful for.
Giving thanks and counting our blessings is vital to our continued success. If we are not grateful for what we already have we begin to close the door to receive new blessings. Yes, we should have goals and strive to make more of ourselves than we currently are, but none of those things can come to fruition if we are not happy where we are today. If we are always focused on what is to come or what should be, the success we have already achieved and the moments that we should enjoy right now will pass us by. In order to blossom, we must bloom where we are planted.
Make sure to honor what you have been given and blessed with, enjoy your current successes and achievements, be grateful for your family and friends and all that you hold dear and close to your heart, and in that spirit continue to work hard towards your goals and dreams.
From myself and from everyone at Steven Kay Media and on behalf of all of the “Life Business and Money” radio advisors; we all hope that you had a very Happy Holiday Season! Thank you for listening to our programs and for your continued support. May you be blessed with ongoing success in your life, and we hope that you are safe and you are surrounded by those you love.
Steven Kay
Previously broadcast from:
SKL @ 11/07/2011 - 01/03/2014
CBS Radio's Talk 650 10/12/2009 - 07/01/2011
CNN 650 Radio News 11/08/2006 - 10/08/2009
KSEV AM700 04/04/2005 - 10/30/2006

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